After months of planning, finally we launched Our Bookshop in Tring. And what a wonderful night it was.
Visitors had an opportunity to browse the shop before moving next door for a launch event featuring shop owner and festival organiser Ben Moorhouse interviewing Comedian and Author Dominic Holland about his life, comedy, his new book and what it's like being Spiderman's father.


Dominic very kindly treated us to a little bit of stand up at the start of the show in which he cleverly mixed in material about the new bookshop with references to his new book 'I, Gabriel' as well as some great tried and tested material from his immense back catalogue!


Then Ben joined him on stage and questioned Dominic about the beginning of his comedy career and his award winning start at the Edinburgh Festival. He also asked about his love of writing, particularly his books and the wonderful Blog that he publishes.

He answered detailed questions from the audience about his writing as well as questions about Tom Holland and the success Dominic's son has had in acting. Ben even asked Harry Holland (one of Dominic's other sons was there to film the night) to answer a question about his relationship with his famous brother. It's fair to say he likes to keep his brother very grounded!

At the end of the show, more books were sold (it was already a ticket and book event) and then the audience queued up to get their books signed by Dominic.

The shop stayed open for another couple of hours and we quickly restocked the shelves after a wonderfully busy first night.

This running a bookshop is going to be very busy! And very exciting!