Conn Iggulden - Protector

Listen to the nation’s finest historical novelist, Conn Iggulden as he talks about his stunning second novel in the Athenian series.
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Date Monday 21st June 2021
Time 7:00 PM
Venue Our Bookshop
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Protector - 700.jpgCONN IGGULDEN - PROTECTOR (£20 Hardback)

A Persian king stands in the ruins of Athens
A Spartan king lies dead at Thermopylae
Xerxes has come
In their home waters, Athenians will face a vast fleet. On sacred land, a Persian host waits for them to move.
Outnumbered, outmatched, the Greeks must stand side by side to have any hope at all. For the Spartans, it is a chance to show who they truly are. For the Athenians, it is about surviving the storm.
Once more, Themistocles, battle-scarred and disgraced, must risk his honour and his life - to protect the people he loves.
Protector is the second book in a sweeping new series from the nation’s finest historical novelist, exploring the fascinating legends of the great Persian, Greek and Spartan empires of the Ancient World

Conn Iggulden is one of the most successful authors of historical fiction writing today, with UK sales alone topping 3 million, and has been acclaimed as a ‘master storyteller’ and ‘in a class of his own’ by reviewers. He has written three previous bestselling historical series, including Wars of the Roses. Dunstan is a stand-alone novel set in the red-blooded world of tenth-century England, and The Falcon of Sparta is a stand-alone in which Iggulden returns to the Ancient World. The Gates of Athens, now out in paperback, was the first in the new Athenian series.
‘Iggulden tells an absolutely cracking story...the pace is nail-biting and the set dressing magnificent’ The Times

‘One of our finest historical novelists’ Daily Express

‘Iggulden is in a class of his own when it comes to epic, historical fiction’ The Mirror

‘Pacy...and packed with action’ The Sunday Times

‘Compelling reading’ Woman and Home

‘Peopled with characters so finely honed the story becomes a gripping and glorious legend. Brilliant!’ Weekend Sport

‘Breathes new life into the darkest and most dramatic of times’ Star