Eve Wersocki-Morris - Forest of Forbidden Magic (KS2 & Year 7 School Events)

Welcome award-nominated and bestselling children’s author Eve Wersocki-Morris to your school for a wonderful event.
She is a writer of mystery adventure books full of unlikely heroes, suspenseful stories and terrifying villains. Eve is dyslexic but she’s never let that stop her writing stories. Hear about Eve’s journey to become an author; her top tips for writing your own magical mysteries and creating characters; and be the first to hear about her new book FOREST OF FORBIDDEN MAGIC: an edge-of-your-seat adventure about magical creatures, silver charms and a nervous boy who finds his courage.

Date - Thursday 4th July
Available time from... 9am, 11am & 2pm (times approximate)
KS2 Children - School years Year 4, 5, 6 & 7

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Eve Wersocki-Morris’ debut The Bird Singers was a Sunday Times Book of the Week and nominated for the prestigious Branford Boase Award. She has appeared at numerous book festivals including Bath Children’s Book Festival, Barnes Children’s Literature Festival and Wigtown Book Festival.

Rave reviews from schools about her events; “best visit I’ve seen” (Glenthorne High School); “The author's visit by Eve Wersocki-Morris was inspirational” (Winchmore School); “Eve's events are high energy, informative and filled with fun exercises for the children to get involved in.” (Wigtown Book Festival).

Events for KS2 and Year 7.

Forest of Forbidden Magic

Dare to stray off the path into a spooky supernatural adventure full of dark twists and creepy turns? The magic of Grimmhart Forest awaits... Praise for The Bird Singers: A deliciously spine-tingling story ... I loved it.' A.F.

Steadman, author of SKANDAR seriesNever go into the forest at night Only trust a map written by your own handAnd, above all, do not show the trees your fear ... A mysterious letter containing ominous hints and strange silver charms of a howling wolf and a malevolent fairy leads Tig and Elsa deep into Grimmhart Forest, a dark enchanted world of sinister secrets and creatures unknown. A place where the magical powers of ancient animals are unleashed.

The place into which their grandfather has vanished... Tig and Elsa must stray far from the forest path if they are to outwit those who wish them harm. But trouble lurks in the shadows and danger does not always come from outside.

Can Tig resist the lure of his Ice Wolf charm or will his newfound courage spell out his destruction?