Jay Blades

Join Jay Blades the much-loved presenter of The Repair Shop as he talks about his memoir Making It - How love kindness and community helped me repair my life
It the book he opens up about his life. From growing up on the rough streets of Hackney, dealing with racism and hanging out with the wrong crowds, to becoming one of TV's most recognisable faces.
This LIVE IN-PERSON EVENT is at the High Street Baptist Church in Tring. You can either enjoy this event at the venue or watch a virtual stream from home.
Date Saturday 6th November 2021
Time 1:00 PM
Doors Open 12:30 PM
Venue High Street Baptist Church
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Making It by Jay Blades £16.99

Jay Blades Making It - 700.jpgThe Sunday Times bestseller

'We had our hardships, and there were times that we didn't have a lot of food and didn't have a lot of money. But that didn't stop me having the time of my life.'

Making It is an inspirational memoir about beating the odds and turning things around even when it all seems hopeless. In this book, Jay Blades shares the details of his life, from his childhood growing up sheltered and innocent on a council estate in Hackney, to his adolescence when he was introduced to violent racism at secondary school, to being brutalized by police as a teen, to finally becoming a beloved star of the hit primetime show The Repair Shop.

Jay reflects on strength, weakness and what it means to be a man. He questions the boundaries society places on male vulnerability and how letting himself be nurtured helped him flourish into the person he is today. An expert at giving a second life to cherished items, Jay's positivity, pragmatism and kindness shine through these pages and show that with care and love, anything can be mended.


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