Adam Kay with illustrator Henry Paker (Hybrid KS2 Schools Event)

Join the record-breaking Adam Kay and Henry Paker, as they take you on a laugh-out-loud journey through their first ever fiction book. This live event will be hosted in the High Street Baptist Church in Tring, and live streamed to schools around the country.

Introducing Dexter Procter – the world’s youngest doctor. It was clear from an early age that Dexter Procter was different. He started speaking at four seconds old. By the age of three, he had 87 A-levels, from Afrikaans to Zoology. And by ten, he was working as a paediatrician at Lilydale General Hospital.

Find out if Dexter will be able to save his job, save the school and find his place in the world? (Spoiler alert: yes.)

Eight classes of children can watch in the venue and the rest will be able to watch the event 'live streamed' from the comfort of their classroom or school hall.

Date - Tuesday 17th September
Time - 2pm. REGISTER HERE.
Length - 60 minutes.

KS2 Children - School years 3, 4, 5 & 6
Virtual Event - Zoom link is supplied when you register - click here.

Once registered, you will receive the event link automatically.
Each screen being watched will need a separate registration to join the event.

This event is FREE to all Schools.
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9780241668597.jpg'From the brilliant mind of Adam Kay comes a story that redefines the 'junior' in 'junior doctor.’ David Solomons
About The Author:
Adam Kay is a former doctor who has written five million books and sold seven copies. No, hang on – he’s written seven books and sold five million copies. His debut book, This is Going to Hurt, is a literary sensation: a Sunday Times number one bestseller for over a year, winning a record-breaking four National Book Awards and selling over 3 million copies. Kay adapted This is Going to Hurt as a BAFTA-winning comedy-drama series for the BBC. Adam Kay’s children’s books have been translated into 29 languages and sold over 550,000 copies, making him one of the UK’s bestselling children’s authors. Kay’s Anatomy became the fastest-selling children’s general non-fiction hardback of the decade. His first picture book Amy Gets Eaten was published in 2023. His first children’s fiction hardback, Dexter Procter the Ten-Year-Old Doctor will be published in Autumn 2024.
About The Illustrator:
Henry Paker was once a little boy who did silly doodles in the margins of books. Now he is a grown man who does silly doodles in the middle of books. He is an award-winning comedian, writer and illustrator. He co-writes and performs in the Radio 4 sitcom ReincarNathan and co-hosts the Three Bean Salad podcast.