Martin Hughes-Games & Iolo Williams - Wildlife Road Trip

Natural history broadcasters Martin Hughes-Games and Iolo Williams team up to perform this informative and amusing wildlife show packed with fascinating facts and fun. Their exciting journey is filled with real life stories and takes the audience behind the scenes of the wonderful world of wildlife and TV presenting.
Date Friday 7th February 2020
Time 8:00 PM
Doors Open 7:15 PM
Venue The David Evans Court Theatre
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Martin and Iolo Wildlife Road Trip - smaller.pngCome and listen to a talk by Iolo Williams and Martin Hughes-Games, known for their conservation and wildlife work - you may recognise them from shows such as BBC Springwatch! The wildlife TV presenters have teamed up for an amusing and informative show packed with facts and fun for the whole family. Extremely wild about wildlife, these two brilliant and entertaining enthusiasts will take the audience on a funny and fascinating journey. The audience will be able to learn about wildlife, the presenters work history and will also get a sneak peak insight as to what wildlife TV presenting is like and some of the interesting things it entails.